Maple Flooring

Maple Floors

Flooring is an important part of home décor. Flooring like walls, play a significant role in making our home beautiful. It is said that our home is reflection of the people living in it. So we want that our home should match the feeling of warmth that we have in our heart. Accordingly we select everything that becomes part of our home. Hardwood flooring is the kind of flooring that will give elegance and warmth to our heavenly abode and maple flooring is a hardwood flooring to go for.

More about Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is wood flooring, were the wood is that of strong trees like oak and maple. Both are equally in demand but slowly people are slowly realizing the advantages of maple flooring over oak flooring.

Advantages of maple floors over oak flooring

  • Natural look and earthly hues of the wood flooring gives the touch warmth to our home. Both oak as well as maple have this quality but with oak we have colour limitations it is mostly red in hue, the white oak flooring that we get in market is of inferior quality. While maple flooring we get in brown, black, and sugar white colour. 
  • Maple flooring is more durable than the oak flooring, because maple wood is considered to harder than e oak tree wood. Janka table that compares wood of the tree on basis of their hardness has ranked maple above oak wood. It has rated maple at 1450.
  • Maple is a strong and dense wood which makes maple flooring a perfect choice for gymnasiums, bowling alleys, and for athletics runways. It helps the sports man a better grip and control.
  • Oak has porous structure which gives rough look to its surface, while maple flooring is nonporous and has a better finish. This adds to the beauty of the flooring.
  • Maple floors are available in all sizes. Some manufactures are also providing maple floors in tile form.  

  How to Select Proper Maple Flooring

  • Firstly decide which type and pattern will go well with our furniture. Wrong selection can damage the look of your room. If you want to make your room look beautiful then your flooring and furniture should give a uniform look.
  • Secondly look for warranty that the manufacturer is giving. Generally they vary between 5 to 20 years. Greater the number of years, greater is the durability and hire the price.
  • Having maple floor in your house can make huge dent in your pocket, so after having done the market study than only invest.
  • Finishing of your flooring can increase its price so if you are investing go for good finish flooring.
  • Two types of maple flooring are sold by some manufacturers; domestic and exotic. Maple is mostly found in North America but some Asian and Brazilian maple flooring is also available. Accordingly the one that is imported becomes exotic and comes at a higher rate.
  • Installation of maple flooring is another important thing that should be kept in mind. You can install it by yourself but it requires cutting, sanding, polishing and nailing, which is not every ones cup of tea, so it will be better if you take some professional help.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • As said earlier that maple flooring is an expensive affair so if you want you can go for unfinished product which s cheaper but may have rough as well as blemished surface.
  • Keep water away from your maple flooring because water may inter between the planks and damage your floor. You can use vacuum cleaner for it or have maple mop the floor with slightly wet mop. Kitchen and bathrooms should not have this flooring.
  •  Sunlight is another important thing to remember because exposure to light may affect the colour of your flooring.